Out on the open water, there’s a kind of freedom you just won’t find on land. To make the most of every moment, you need the kind of boat that gives you the greatest possible latitude. A Northwest Boat.

Owners of Northwest Boats aren’t ordinary, and we’re no ordinary boat builder. We don’t “claim” to be legendary; we’ve earned it. From our family-owned roots we’ve grown into a family boat-friendly company that crafts the finest heavy-gauge welded aluminum beauties on the water. We listen carefully to our customers and take their advice.

We believe quality pays, but you shouldn’t have to pay extra for it. Count on more than two decades of experience making seriously strong, flawlessly detailed, strikingly attractive Northwest Boats. Our models and your memories will last a lifetime.


Now NMMA-Certified
All Northwest Boats are now certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Similar to ISO-9000 certification, the NMMA requires that our boats satisfy an additional set of quality assurance standards to ensure the furthest degree of safety and quality.